A new chapter


Hello there. For those of you who may be wondering, "What's going on with Christine's blog?,"

well this is the post for you.

Many things have been happening in regards to this venture -- speaking opportunities, community engagements, initiatives at work, to name a few. I've been truly blessed again and again with the many things that have resulted out of my passion to drive change in the way we waste, wherever I am.

As time passed though, I began to realize that my desire to spread awareness broadened from sustainability to also simple living. Thus the new blog name, Snapshots of Simplicity, was born from the original packageless, for a wider approach in sharing stories of simple and sustainable living. It is also my hope that I can grow in the YouTube community to share how I, and others, live simply and sustainably, but we shall see where that goes!

There are a few tweaks that still need to be done with this site, but I'm crossing my fingers that a few photoshoots and some downtime will allow me to fix up the thing apart from my full time job. You'll still hear about all that's happening and my zero waste adventures on my Instagram account, but there will definitely be some new content coming around soon on social media channels near you!

PS -- I finally mustered up enough courage to start keeping my trash in that mason jar pictured above to get this zero waste journey going. Wish me luck!