My sick day


Northern California had its first set of rain showers which was lovely, but not so much in regards to the fact that these rainy seasons bring the colds as well. I had a terrible cold this past week, jam packed with a sore throat, sinus irritations, headaches, muscle soreness, you name it.

When it comes to being sick, it's usually an indicator of changing weather and also my tiredness levels - I usually get sick when I'm too busy, and my body breaks down due to lack of sleep. Which is entirely my fault, and I know I need to teach myself to sleep more, just like a bear hibernates. Maybe I am a bear.

My usual sick routine isn't too special, but I thought I'd share a few simple, natural remedies I do to help myself feel better. I hardly eat medicine, not a huge fan. I made a quick video of my sick day above, so hope you enjoy!

Products shown in video: cotton towels, mason jar, mason jar salt shaker, tea strainer

Things for a sick day

  • Hot showers - A nice steamy hot shower provides humidity and steam to open up the pores and the sinuses in the body. Quite a relief if your muscles are sore as well.

  • Hot towels to the face - What a lifesaver. I soak a towel in hot water, wring it out, and put it straight to my face, massage my nose, and get all the gunk out. It's a great way to blow your nose and clear it out without making it all dry from tissues.

  • Salt water gargle - Add a little salt and warm water and gargle away to get rid of bacteria in a sore throat!

  • Wearing glasses - It's no good straining your eyes (at least for a person like me who wears contacts and is always on the computer). Let them rest when you're sick (:

  • Wearing a scarf and socks - The feet and the throat are some of the most sensitive parts of my body when I'm sick. It helps when I bundle up to keep my sore throat warm and toes from shivering.

  • Honey and tea - Local honey does good to the throat! I like to add a dollop to some warm lemon water or tea to allow the honey to coat a dry, sore throat. It works wonders, and tastes so good.

  • Sleep - Just do it. If only I had slept enough earlier, I wouldn't have gotten sick so quickly!

Being sick is a sure sign that I'll need to dial down the blog/YouTube, potentially moving onto bi-weekly videos and posts to ensure that quality stays up and that I can stay healthy amidst a few life transitions. Thank you nonetheless for staying tuned for all my posts, and to the YouTube crowd out there, we hit 1K subscribers! I owe you guys a giveaway, and can't thank you enough for all your support.

Stay warm and healthy folks, especially as autumn is among us. Talk to you soon (: