My zero waste bathroom routine


Throughout my zero waste journey, I've had to find proper substitutes for all my bathroom products, and I think I've reached a happy medium. It's taken some time to test out the products that I personally liked, and for anyone on the journey, you will probably understand the feeling of all the experimental products and DIYs you may have tried to get to a comfortable state.

Not everything I currently use is completely plastic free, nor DIY. I purchase some products in glass still, and forgot to note that I still use some plastic due to the fact that I wear contact lenses. However, I found that a majority of you would be able to relate to the items shown, and hopefully find some substitutes for your current routine if you haven't considered the switch yet!

So here it is, my current inventory of bathroom products. Enjoy my fun animating the inanimate through the video above, with all product details, descriptions, and recommendations below. You’ll notice that many of these products came back with me when I spent a week in Germany this past summer (they have the best zero waste options!), but I know that the US is quickly catching up and I’ll link some similar options.

Zero waste bathroom products

  • Silk floss - I purchased a glass vial of silk floss in Germany, which comes with replacements. I’m re-editing this post in 2019 and can happily say that there are much more silk floss options available now, which is linked and also available in my shop!

  • Bamboo toothbrush - There are so many different brands of bamboo toothbrush now but I’ve linked one of my favorites that I currently use, MABLE, since they use their profits to help educate students on environmental sustainability and reducing their waste!

  • Tooth powder - I've also tried dental tabs but find that tooth powder is the best in regards to keeping teeth clean. I’ve linked the toothpowder recipe I use.

  • Aesop facial cleanser - Pricey, yes, but an absolute pleasure to use and a little goes a long way so I know the bottle will last. The bar soap I was using previously was a bit harsh on my face, so I'll be working on finishing what I have in this bottle and reusing it! Hoping I can find a more gentle soap for my face in the future, but this stuff makes my skin oh so soft. You can also try Aesop products at their stores if you need to be further convinced.

  • Aesop facial toner - Pairs well with the product above, and I simply pat on a small bit of it onto my face after cleansing. I definitely see a difference.

  • Organic bar soap - I buy these bars unpackaged from Whole Foods, and it has been one of my easiest zero waste switches! Soap is generally quite easy to buy package free if you check out small gift stores too.

  • Shampoo bar - Purchased this one in Germany, but I’m linking a similar option that is available on Amazon. These can be a hit or miss, but if you have hard water in your area like I do, I would recommend an apple cider hair rinse.

  • Muhle safety razor - Also purchased this in Germany because the company is based there. It's such a beautiful piece, and I also purchased the stand (totally optional) to go with it. Luckily because I was at the store, I was able to ask for it package free. You may also purchase replacement safety razor blades, which are also recyclable and quite affordable.

  • Body lotion - I've been able to find bulk lotion at local food co-ops in the Bay Area but know that it isn’t an option for everyone. I would recommend buying in a large gallon (as many of these stores do) and share with friends.

  • Facial lotion - Also purchased in bulk.

Hope you all found this post helpful. I'm still testing out products, and am always open to DIY options if they may be more suitable for the future. Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions for my everyday routine!