Zero waste tooth powder and mouthwash


The other weekend, I had the privilege of spending a Saturday with the lovely Kathryn from Going Zero Waste. I met her last year after we discovered each other through our zero waste blogs, and we've been keeping in touch ever since! Kathryn is the guru of all DIY zero waste recipes - if you haven't checked out her blog, you definitely should. I asked if we could make some dental products as my bulk purchases were running low, and she happily agreed (:

We made a video of the process as shown above, but here's a breakdown of the recipes below, a description of what the ingredients do, and the link to Kathryn's original recipe article with further information. You can purchase these items in bulk, opt for recyclable packaging, and forego plastic toothpaste tubes. And as far as I'm concerned, my teeth are doing just fine.

Products shown in video: quart mason jar, 4 oz mason jar, baking soda, bentonite clay, xylitol, bamboo toothbrush, measuring cup, stainless steel sieve


Tooth powder recipe


2 tablespoons baking soda - mild abrasive that dislodges plaque on teeth, breaks down stain causing molecules, and neutralizes pH.

2 tablespoons bentonite clay - draws out toxins, contains calcium, and is often used to help remineralize teeth.

2 tablespoons xylitol - prevents bacteria from sticking to the teeth and neutralizes the pH to help avoid tooth decay.

Small jar, wooden utensil


Stir ingredients together in small jar with a wooden utensil (in order to avoid deactivating the bentonite clay).

Wet toothbrush, dip into powder, and brush away!

Mouthwash recipe


3 aloe vera leaves, or 1/4 cup aloe vera juice - Kathryn has an aloe plant growing in her backyard, it's quite simple to take care of!

1 cup distilled water - can make this from boiling tap water for a few minutes and letting it cool.

2 teaspoons baking soda

1.5 teaspoons xylitol (optional)

Cutting board, knife, spoon, blender, measuring cup, sieve, reusable bottle for storing mouthwash


Take fresh aloe leaves and remove inner gel. You can scoop it out with a spoon. Place the aloe goop in blender with distilled water.

Strain mixture through mesh sieve. This will keep any of the viscous plant matter out of your mouth wash.

Add baking soda and xylitol, and mix to dissolve.

Store in jar, and keep in refrigerator for about 2 months. If it smells bad, it's gone bad.

You can also add 2-3 drops of peppermint essential oil for a fresh minty taste. If you add the oil, make sure to shake it well before using.

To use, swish for 30 seconds, and don't swallow.

Happy brushing and swishing! Hope to see all you smiling big with the help of your zero waste tooth care.

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