My mindful morning routine


Good morning! Starting off on a right foot can make a huge difference in my day. I've observed the benefits of having a great morning, and these days, have compiled those steps into a simple routine which I like to practice on the daily. Feel free to watch the video linked to this post, and read up on the details below.

Products shown in video: glass carafe, activated charcoal filter

My routine

  1. Clean - On the mornings that I manage to wake up a bit early or on time, I always make it a priority to make the bed, open up the window to let in some fresh air, and water my basil plant. There's something about coming back to an already made bed at the end of the day which makes my mind a lot more a peace. Take a look at this article for 5 reasons why you should make your bed each morning -- that's some motivation for myself right there!

  2. Cleanse - Two things to help awaken my body and cleanse my system are water and fresh fruit. It gets my digestive system going, helps me wake up, and there are simply so many health benefits to drinking a good amount of water to start of your day! Water is my favorite drink. In order to keep it zero waste, I also use these activated charcoal filters which you can order on Amazon. A simple, plastic-free alternative for drinking water!

  3. Think - What makes or breaks my day boils down to how I'm doing spiritually. Coming from a Christian faith, the importance of prayer, biblical devotion, and journaling ring so clearly as I realize that I never know what day will be my last. It keeps me focused, purposeful, and intentional with my normalized work routine, and helps me to remember to love God and love others. I wanted to share an article from Desiring God on 'Laying Aside the Weight of Perfection,' as it was an encouragement to me for quite a while during my morning devotions, and still is. (:

  4. Flow - Ever since my knees and shins broke down from long distance running, I've been upping my yoga practice. I've been going to CorePower Yoga regularly for the past few months, which has been such an empowering experience to see what my inflexible body was capable of. Yoga has also been a great way for me to mentally prepare myself, especially as I love to bring my journal into the yoga studio to continue meditating on my morning devo.