Perfectly imperfect, zero waste


Hello there! A post has been well overdue on this lovely corner of the internet, so I thought I'd share something that was more heartfelt that usual. I hope you do not mind, but if you do, no need to keep reading and/or watching.

I've found that many people, when they hear the concept of living 'zero waste' they think,

"That's too crazy for me...there's no way I could ever do that..."

And I agree. Zero waste is indeed, quite crazy. The word zero is a lofty goal -- to put it simply, it asks for us to be perfect.

However, in my perfectionist, over-achieving mindset, I easily become head over heels in trying to find those perfect solutions, in order to reach the goal of making 'zero' waste. In a sense, it's motivating, but in another sense, it can be an unhealthy obsession.

I started the zero waste journey with a strong passion to want to care for others around me, by caring for our planet -- our actions affect our environment, which in turn, also affect our own selves, for the good or the bad. Yet as I became more invested with the issue of waste through this venture and blog, my new role driving sustainability initiatives in my company, and as I interacted with non-zero waste minded people, I became easily obsessed with finding perfect solutions that often didn't exist, and was equally overwhelmed with the sheer reality that making impactful change in such a wasteful society was nearly impossible. Even in my own journey, my zero waste jar became a burden, as everything I put inside of it was another reminder of my imperfections as a consumer.

But there is good news.

This world isn't mine or yours to fix. Though we can still strive to make every action count, zero waste is an absolute goal which will constantly be challenged considering the current state of affairs in our industrial, globalized world. Of course, I do not want anyone to lose hope but rather, I hope that you will allow zero waste to be a healthy driver to open your eyes to imagine and dream possibilities of improvement in this wasteful world, and of course, push you to take a step forward in testing some of those possibilities!

Perhaps this is a message you already know, something you think is rather obvious. However you decide to digest it, I hope it is an encouragement to not be intimidated by going zero waste. It's been such an eye opening journey for me, but I know that above all, I need to have a healthy balance - which is something I must battle within myself - which will in turn allow me to have a more meaningful, intentional vision for driving change through the various opportunities and roles I've been blessed with.

Above all, I am inspired to act through love this 2017. Christian or not, the Bible passage in 1 Corinthians 13 demonstrates that without love in our lives, we are nothing, and this is something I've been holding true these past few years. Without love in my heart, it's difficult for me to handle anything on my own. But when I hold closely to love, I find that it empowers me to set myself, my obsessions, and my desires aside, and to simply live. This world isn't about me and how I'm going to save it from being buried alive in trash, but is an outlet for a small being like myself to share love, intentionality and hope in the midst of its brokenness.

I am always open to comments, questions, or suggestions. Though I do not post consistently, I am overwhelmed by the growth both on my Instagram and Youtube channel. Cheers to a great 2017 and stay tuned for me on social media, as I am humbly hoping and praying that I can continue to inspire and help you all on this journey of living simply and sustainably!

Love, Christine