Natural, zero waste beauty routine


After a long night of sleep or a good workout, it's always great to revitalize and cleanse yourself to prepare for the day. It's been almost two years since I've shared my bathroom routine, and I wanted to share an update, including a few more things I do to get ready and groom myself. Today, I came from a hot and sweaty power yoga workout. After any good morning workout, it definitely feels great to come back and cleanse yourself thoroughly, so I've included some extra steps of exfoliation in this particular routine. I also don't wear makeup on a daily basis, since I always like a quick, simple routine and I must confess, I rub my eyes and face too often!

Check out the latest video above for a quick glimpse of my routine. All products, descriptions and details will also be below for your reference. Do note that there are some items not included in this routine (safety razor and compostable floss for example) because I didn't happen to use them today.


As shown in the video, here are the products used, as well as a link and description for each item in the case you need some information! Some of the links may not be the same as the product shown because I wasn't able to find an exact match.

Products used

Plaine products shampoo and conditioner - This has been the best shampoo thus far as an alternative to shampoo bars. Unfortunately the water in my area is very hard and mineralized, so shampoo bars don't work best here. Plaine products uses recyclable aluminum, and offers refills as well with their package return program!

Organic soap bar - I typically buy these bars package free from Whole Foods when they're on sale. It's tough to go wrong with these, since the coconut oil is more moisturizing and doesn't strip my skin of oils.

Loofah - Loofahs are simply dried out squash, and are completely natural and compostable! I love pairing a loofah with my soap bar for extra exfoliation. This feels the best after a long run or workout, since it gets the grime and dead skin off very well.  I don't exfoliate with a loofah everyday though -- usually once a week at most. My friend's mom actually grew these loofahs on her own, and dried them out. It ended up being one of my bridal shower gifts haha!

Pumice stone - Ever get tired of rough, calloused feet? A natural pumice stone is your answer to scrubbing off dead skin cells. I don't do this everyday, but love to moisturize my feet afterwards and wear socks so my feet are extra soft.

Wooden hairbrush - Instead of a traditional plastic brush, I've been loving this all natural wooden brush for my hair. I don't use it as much as when I had long hair, but it definitely helps to tame any short hairs that stick up (:

Tweezerman tweezers - I typically groom my eyebrows once a week, and I have to say, these are the absolute best tweezers. They're super accurate and well made, and will definitely last for years to come (I've had mine for almost 8 years).

Bamboo toothbrush - Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is an easy swap if you're new to zero waste. I love my toothbrush from MABLE since they're a local company here in California, and they use a percentage of their profits to educate students about environmental sustainability!

Face oil - I have a little bottle of face and hair oil from oil + water (you might remember them from this post!). It helps keep my face moisturized, balanced, and glowing throughout the day.

Lastly, I use lip balm to moisturize my lips, and body butter to help moisturize my skin, especially after exfoliation. I have DIY recipes of these two products in my book, Sustainable Home, which is being released October 4th - and I can't believe it, but that's next week! Hope you guys are excited as I am to see the final result (;

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