Read the bible with me in a year


God is a funny being, isn't he? I woke up this morning with the inclination that I needed to get back to Bible reading. Lo and behold, I opened up Desiring God (one of my favorite go-to Christian sites for when I'm needing advice or inspiration), and the first article I see is: Women, We Need His Word. The sub-title is 'A Plan for the Hungry and Busy.'

Well, amen to that!

I am so blessed to watch my blog and YouTube community grow, and to have many encouraging comments from you all, asking me to share more about my faith after sharing my personal testimony. Yet sadly, as life goes up and down, my spiritual walk and prayer life have been a bit dry due to some trying times, that I've had more fear than motivation to read and open up God's word lately.

Rachel Jankovic puts it nicely in the Desiring God article:

We’ve simply come to feast. We have all been invited. There is a place prepared by a loving Father for each of us. The food is abundant, endless, nourishing, restoring, perfect, and occasionally confusing. The task is simple. Eat it. Be filled. Do it again. Do it forever. Enjoy the bounty before you — enjoy what your Father has done for you and said to you. Trust the Master of this feast, and enjoy the table fellowship.

But many of us are not in our chairs. We’re under the tables, scavenging for crumbs dropped by the “good eaters” at the table — famous bloggers, Christian teachers, great preachers. We can find enough crumbs at their feet to survive, maybe even live well, but we wouldn’t be obeying God. There is a place with your name on it, a book for you to eat. Get up and eat. Do not be satisfied with crumbs, because your Father is not satisfied with that for you.


After reading that, I had to admit, yes, I've been hungry. I want to seek a firm foundation, I want truth, but I'm so scared that I'll open the wrong chapter, interpret something incorrectly, not have enough time to deeply invest and study God's word and not do it justice.

But God calls us to come simply. He calls us to come as we are.

Want to join me?

So here it goes, a one year challenge to read the Bible. If you want to join me, details to the Bible Challenge can be found here -- and though the challenge is started by women, men, you are more than welcome to use the reading assignments too! This blog post is the kick off to document my journey this year, but head over to YouTube to stay up to date with my readings and reflections. I would love to hear from you about whether or not you would like to continue to get updates, whether it's daily (a challenge, I know!), weekly, etc.

As always, I will continue to post regularly about simple and sustainable living - my faith just happens to be one foundational aspect of it. Reach me on Instagram if you'd like to interact with me more (I try to read your suggestions through IG stories), otherwise, comment down below or in the video (:

*An update — I’ve continued the Bible Reading Challenge on my second channel here. I hope you join me!