Where to thrift for home goods


It's been amazing to see the responses on my apartment tour video which I posted earlier this year, and I've gotten plenty of comments and questions about how I furnished it. In this post, we'll tackle how I shopped secondhand for some of my furniture, and how you can do so too!

It took six months for me to completely furnish our apartment, but I knew that the best furniture pieces at the right price would come in time!In the video below, you'll get a breakdown of all the things I purchased, for how much, and where I was able to find them. A more detailed written summary is also below for your reference.

To start, the inspiration for my home is mostly from minimal and mid century modern styles. I used keywords like white, mid century, vintage, and minimal to find products that would suit me. Other times, I would use very generic keywords and simply dig through the mass of items online.


Where to thrift

1. Craigslist - A great option to find locally sourced items. I was able to purchase most of my secondhand goods off of Craigslist for a fraction of the full price they would've sold if new. You can also haggle with the seller if you'd really like to get the price down. If possible, I would not only drive somewhere for the purchase, but would also run errands in the area as well, so I could optimize my time out. It's great that you find find things locally in your area to minimize shipping emissions from new purchases (who knows where they come from). The things I purchased from Craigslist are below:

West Elm sawhorse table - $60, originally $300

Tripod table lamp - $20, originally $70

White ladder bookshelf - $40, originally $65

Grey sofa - $300, originally $700

CB2 arc lamp - $120, originally $200

Plant stand - $5, assuming new would be $20

White chairs - $90, originally $345

Bamboo utensil holder - $5, originally $45

Dishes - $20, original price unknown

Oven mitt and pot holders - $5, original price unknown

Wooden hangers - $35, originally $60

2. Office Furniture Liquidators - You'd be surprised as to how expensive office furniture is. We have a few office furniture liquidator stores in San Jose that I didn't get to visit, but I bought our dining table from an office that was moving (through Craigslist again). I thought I would point out that it's a good option to look for some of these stores in your area if you do have them!

Dining table - $40, original price unknown, but after doing some research of similar items from the same brand, I would dare to say from $1500 - $2000!

3. eBay - Anything I wasn't able to find on Craigslist, I started looking for on eBay. Amazon and Etsy are also some options for buying used products. When buying online, I change my search options to look for things only in California, or within a smaller radius to again, lower my shipping footprint!

Korean midcentury cutlery set - $50, original price unknown, but estimating at $200

4. Family and friends - Oftentimes, your friends and family will have unwanted items they're just waiting to get rid of. I was able to get:

Two couch pillows - Free, original price unknown, but estimating at $30

Dresser - Free, original price unknown, but estimating at $200

5. Thrift stores - I didn't end up going to any thrift stores since it can be quite a time consuming process, but it's definitely an option if you have good thrift stores in your area! For a few online options, I also stumbled upon this Buzzfeed article with other websites where you can buy and sell used furniture.

In total, after diligently looking for pricing, my estimated savings for buying my homeware secondhand is...

$2500! Crazy, isn't it?

I hope you all enjoyed this post and feel free to comment if you have any tips for thrifting or have any suggestions of what you’d like to see for future videos! I'd love to compile any other useful information in this post if you have anything in mind to help use consume more consciously. Also, if you didn't notice already, I had a physical copy of my book, Sustainable Home, in the video! There are great tips in there related to this video, and it'll be coming out in less than a month. Can't wait for you all to see it. (:

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