Berkeley adventures

101715 Feet.jpg

I had the pleasure of meeting two zero-wasters in the Bay Area -- Kathryn of Going Zero Waste, and Shauna, who can be found on Instagram as zerowasteteacher. And for the first time, experienced a zero waste friendly group hangout. Surprisingly enough, we were mutually excited over the silliest things but had so much fun.

We started off by visiting some zero waste friendly stores: Urbano Cellars offers reusable wine bottles, while Amphora has a variety of wonderful olive oils, also in reusable bottles! We then went to get our steps in at Inspiration Point, and simply being with these two for the few hours was an inspiration. Oftentimes it's easy to feel a bit alone in my zero waste journey, but they inspired me to continue to push on with the mindset. I couldn't help but feel encouraged by them, their backgrounds, and their reasons as to why they started their journeys.

101715 Snacks.jpg

Of course, it was definitely a yummy adventure as everyone pulled out their zero waste snacks, ranging from trail mix to homemade applesauce (Kathryn appears to be quite the cook!). We ended off the day having a delicious vegan meal at the Herbivore, and I was impressed by Shauna’s talent of refusing straws and napkins. It’s something I have yet to get used to!

101715 Bottles.jpg

Definitely looking forward to meeting again with these two, and more like-minded individuals in the Bay Area! Kathryn and Shauna are all for creating positive change, and I can already tell that they don't just talk the talk, but really live out and take action with their beliefs about waste generation. Can't wait to see what will happen next, and what we can do together to bring greater awareness in our local communities. (:

PS - The friendly person who took our picture couldn’t figure out how to use my camera, but this was the best group photo we got with the three and a half (+ Bella) of us!

101715 Group.jpg