My minimalist wardrobe


My quest for a more practical, simple wardrobe started 4 years ago in college when I was frustrated with the nonstop nature of following clothing trends, and the upkeep of buying new clothes every season. As I learned more about the concept of minimalism, I decided to try defining my style in order to buy my clothes more consciously. I adopted concepts similar to the capsule wardrobe when building my current collection, but I give myself the flexibility to allow myself to still add to my closet paired with a decent sense of consciousness: when deciding to buy something new, I find it a good practice to always wait a couple days - weeks before I decide on a new piece of clothing. Those impulse purchases can get to you otherwise!

I look forward to sharing more about my style journey. Though I'm sure this 28-piece wardrobe may fluctuate in the future, the items I currently hold in my closet have been with me for at least half a year all the way to 6 years, and hopefully for many to come! It has taken me quite a bit of time to settle in on my wardrobe, be satisfied with a smaller set of pieces to also fit a business casual work setting, and focus in on quality as well as the stories behind each piece. All of these pieces are made of natural fibers, which was also super satisfying to land on! With that, take a look at the video above for what I have in my wardrobe — I’m sharing an outline of the pieces below as a rough guideline too. Most of these pieces were thrifted or are super old, but I’ll try to find some similar pieces to link that come from the same company if possible.

Minimalist wardrobe outline

There are plenty of visions I have in the future as I want to document and share a bit more about why each piece is currently in my wardrobe - I'm sure some of you may wonder why I chose certain brands, styles, etc. and being the overthinking individual that I am, I hope that my conscious thought processes will help you think a bit more critically for a more long lasting, sustainable wardrobe which suits your personal style. I hope you are all as interested as I am when it comes to building your style, wardrobe, and conscious fashion, because it's something that touches all of us and can be quite the adventure once we get into the nitty gritty of it all.