The classic white shirt


A few years ago, I became so tired of keeping up with my ever-changing, indecisive style that I decided to purge a good majority of my closet and start afresh.

One of the items which has always been in my wardrobe is the classic white shirt. EILEEN FISHER, a brand I’ve admired since beginning my sustainable fashion journey, shared three classic white shirts with me to style for this post. The white shirt, though simple, is a timeless piece which can be transformed into various looks depending on your personal style, mood, or season. This particular white shirt collection is also made from 100% organic cotton, and I know that EILEEN FISHER is one of the few larger clothing brands I can look towards for quality, minimalist fashion that is not only conscious of sustainable materials but also the social side of their business. It’s reassuring to know that a founder such as Eileen cares deeply about sustainability within the company.


The first white shirt I styled is a classic shirt dress. In the midst of the California heat, I thought I’d pair it with my pair of Sseko sandals. They’re a social enterprise which empowers women to pursue college while working for the company, and these women are the masterminds of customizable wrap sandals that you must check out.


I can definitely imagine myself wearing this dress out in fair weather, or even pairing it with a pair of black jeans and a chunky cardigan once it gets a bit colder. But the shirt dress on its own is a classic piece that can be styled beautifully on its own. For a taller girl like me (5’ 8”), I’m also thankful that the dress was just the right length.

This Mandarin Collar Long Shirt is a long sleeve, tunic length shirt with a mandarin collar. Rolling up sleeves and tucking in shirts is also one of my favorite ways to add some shape and dimension to a shirt, especially as I have more of a boyish form. A white top and black bottom is always a great way to go but to lighten up the whole look, balancing it out with a pair of lighter shoes looked like a good idea. I completed the outfit with my tan loafers from Nisolo, another social enterprise which sells marvelous leather shoes.


Because the shirt is on the longer side, it could also be worn as a light pullover/jacket, or styled nicely with some leggings and ankle boots. There are plenty of other ideas I have for this shirt once the weather cools down in California – I love my layers.


The last shirt from EILEEN FISHER is this Classic Collar Boxy Shirt. I love the volume is adds to my upper body, as it pairs well with a lot of my bottoms which are often fitted. In light of the summer heat, I finished off the look with an old pair of navy shorts, oxfords, and my nicely aged pair of Ray Bans.


I could see myself wearing this outfit for a stroll through the city. It’s a wonderfully comfy top with plenty of space for breathability!

It’ll be a fun journey to see how I can continue to style these timeless shirts. Though they’re simple, their various cuts and classic white finish makes them a versatile piece that can be styled for the years to come – in the cold, warm, or hot weather, I know that I’ll be able to wear these pieces as they are, or layer them with additional pieces in my wardrobe for a different look and feel.

As I continue to mindfully curate my wardrobe, I know I’ll keep looking towards the timeless, quality styles inspired from brands such as EILEEN FISHER. We may not all have the budget or ability to purchase lots of clothes, but we can make conscious purchases and a minimal wardrobe go far with simple, quality pieces and a dash of creativity.