Seattle photo essay


Seattle is a city near and dear to my heart -- I spent a summer there as an intern three years ago, and have always wanted to go back during the beautiful summer time with my husband. We decided to stay close to downtown to experience what it would be like to live in the city, and explore it for what it was worth.

One of the most recent changes I discovered is that Seattle is the first major American city to go plastic straw free. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of straws at restaurants, or the switch to all things compostable, especially at my favorite ice cream joint, Molly Moon's. There's also a good amount of municipal compost bins throughout the city, so composting isn't difficult if you're looking to have minimal waste on your visit -- you'll find compost bins in parks or along curbsides.


Speaking of sweets, one of my absolute favorite places to go in Seattle is Molly Moon's. It's difficult to say no to fresh waffle cones and locally sourced ingredients. While I'm usually your crazy chocolate-loving gal, it's difficult to say no to their classic, organic strawberry ice cream. The creaminess, combined with fresh strawberries and a waffle cone is such a treat. We also hit up a Belgian waffle joint called Sweet Iron, which allows you to customize your waffles -- it's a nice rich, and warm treat if you have a sweet tooth. There's also a donut shop right around the corner we were meaning to try called General Porpoise, and a vegan ice cream store called Frankie and Jo's...but everything in moderation. Maybe for next time!


If you're a fan of architecture, I would also recommend visiting Seattle's Public Library. It's a bright, modern building offering a beautiful reading and studying space for book-lovers. We wandered throughout all the floors and were amazed by the building. If my library looked like this, I think I'd be there in a heartbeat. The upper floors also boast a slightly scary (since I'm afraid of heights) but fantastic view at the floors below. If you like a high up view, consider visiting the Columbia Center, which is also a few blocks away.


Walking along the water to visit Pike's Place Market to grab a few bites (we got some apples from Washington State) and seeing the ferris wheel by the pier was also on our list. We trekked to the Space Needle, through the city center and by the giant International Fountain, and lastly up to the Queen Anne neighborhood, where we got a wonderful view of the city at Kerry Park.


Do you have any favorite places to visit in Seattle? I know I only touched the smallest part of downtown and there's so much more to see and visit in this fantastic area...but until next time. Perhaps during a mini-book tour? (;