Simple self care routine


Self care is all about how you can recharge and nourish your soul. Unfortunately, it was one of the last things on my mind for the past few months, maybe even years. It finally got to me - perhaps a story for another time - and self care is something I have been working on to help relieve my stress and anxiety. It hasn't been easy, considering how I am often energized and fueled by working nonstop, but I'm practicing the art of slowing down and resting. You can check our my current routine from the latest video above.

With a work hard, play hard culture today, we can easily neglect treating ourselves to rest. With that in mind, I've been doing these four simple, yet often neglected (at least in my own life) self care practices to keep me grounded, focused and healthy. Though I still have the occasional stress and anxiety creep up, giving time for myself and a blend of exercise have been crucial.


This post is also sponsored by Oil + Water, a company with a simpler, cleaner, more natural approach to skincare. As shown in the video, I've been using their emulsifying balmface mist, and face and hair oil on a daily basis. It's been so great to use sustainable, clean ingredients and to feel so refreshed at the end of the day. Treating yourself to quality, natural beauty products are a great way to insert some self care into your life!


About Oil + Water

If you'd like to try out Oil + Water's products, be sure to use the code SNAPSHOTS10 to get a 10% discount on their order. Some facts about the company is also below for your information.

Vegan-friendliness: All facial and body care products are vegan. The lip balms, however, are not vegan since they contain beeswax. There is no testing conducted on animals.

Skin types: The products are formulated for all skin types, and women as well as men. The idea again is to keep things as uncomplicated but effective as possible. The product descriptions on the website highlight any skin types that could especially benefit from each product.

Quality: Products are all handcrafted in micro batches and there are usually a limited amount on hand so that products are always fresh, and often made-to-order. Oil + Water uses only the raw, unrefined, organic versions of any raw materials when available.

Sustainability: All containers are either reusable glass or paper that be be composted/recycled. Once a customer accumulates 3 or more full-size glass containers, they take any undamaged containers back and give the customer $2 per container off of their next order. Labels are 100% recycled cotton left over from the textile industry, and shipping materials are sustainable as well, with details for all packaging components listed here so the customer can properly dispose of them. All domestic packages are shipped using the UPS® carbon neutral option, which supports initiatives that offset the carbon emissions of the shipment's transport, such as reforestation and landfill gas destruction projects. There is also no palm-oil in any formulas.

Preservatives: Almost all of products (all but the Face Mist) are either oil-based or sold dry so that they can be completely preservative-free.

Starter Set: Oil + Water offers miniature size versions of all our Facial Care products that are about 1/4 of the size of their full-size items and should last about 3-4 weeks if used as directed. A full cycle of cell turnover takes an average of 28 days, so this mini set is perfectly sized for taking the line for a test spin or on-the-go.

Adjustment period: Because a full cycle of cell-turnover takes about 28 days, they do recommend that new customers stick with a new product or regimen for a few weeks for the most accurate results.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and video. Don't forget to treat yourself (please!) and take a break. You deserve it more than you know!