10 things I don't buy


I don’t consider myself to be a recovered shopaholic, but a few years ago I would have identified myself as a standard American consumer — falling for latest product upgrades, making impulse purchases, and constantly looking to consume for the sake of buying something new. Retail therapy was real, a common way to treat myself after a crazy day…after all, what’s the harm in browsing online for a few things to perk me up?

Living minimally has changed my life for the better, allowing me to intentionally purchase items and refuse things I truly don’t need. Coupled with zero waste habits, I’ve been able to control my spending, save money, and lighten my impact on the planet by refusing things I would’ve otherwise bought if I hadn’t shifted my consumption patterns.

For those new to minimalist living, you may be wondering what I’ve been able to live without and declutter, which you can see in the video above in detail, or quickly summarized below. If you’re new to minimalist or zero waste living, I’d also recommend the following posts as well:


The 10 things

To keep things simple, here’s the quick rundown of items I no longer purchase. I hope this quick list inspires you to start reconsidering some purchases, or perhaps you’re already a minimalist expert and have more items you currently refuse that you would like to share as well.

  1. Cheap clothing

  2. Sale items

  3. Decor

  4. Knick knacks

  5. Latest tech gear

  6. Kitchen appliances

  7. Lots of packaged food

  8. Excessive beauty and body products

  9. Specific cleaning, hardware or tools

  10. Disposable one-time use items

I estimate that I’ve saved thousands of dollars for the past few years by opting to borrow, rent, or refuse many of the items which are listed above. Learning to use what you already have and being resourceful can go a long way when it comes to simplifying your life.

Any favorite household items that you’ve found to be quite functional and multi-purpose that might be a great staple for a minimalist? Or perhaps there’s another product that you think should be on my list. If you have any great stories or ideas to buy less, comment below as I’d love to hear what you have in mind!