Living with a non-minimalist or zero waste partner


Not all of us live alone, as I’m sure many of us have roommates, families, or a significant other by our side. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the few in your family or circle that have taken interest in a minimalist or zero waste lifestyle, which is often described as a more extreme way of living in comparison to the average lifestyle.

When I began my minimalist and zero waste journey, I felt alone and had no one around me going through the same thoughts or experiences. My family was the first to witness my changes within the home, but two years later, I got married to my now-husband, Peter, who is not minimalist nor zero waste. While it would be wonderful to have him and those close to me 100% on board with my lifestyle and everything I do, I love Peter for who he is and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are the questions we’ve tackled in this video, with some time stamps for reference since it’s longer than usual. I hope you enjoy our discussion and apologize on behalf of the change in video clips, outfits and all at the end. We look a little tired after Peter recently sprained his ankle and I was running up and down the stairs to get him ice. (:

Questions covered

What was it like when we first started living together? 00:28

Did Peter feel judged since he lived differently than me? 3:19

What are some areas of compromise in my lifestyle? 4:45

How did I convince Peter to live a more sustainable lifestyle? 7:58

Our final takeaways 11:29

Cooper's opinion 14:37

Our takeaways

If you don’t get the chance to watch the entire video, our final pieces of advice for you are:

  1. If you do live a minimalist or zero waste lifestyle, lead by action and encourage others to take baby steps, but don’t push it on them.

  2. If you do not live a minimalist or zero waste lifestyle, realize that those who do are going against the status quo, and the least you can do is respect them for what they do, and support them in whatever capacity you have.

Peter probably won’t be appearing in other videos anytime soon, but I hope you guys enjoyed our discussion and found it encouraging or helpful in the case you have a partner, roommate or family member that isn’t on board with your lifestyle. Be patient with yourself, and with others, as lifestyle changes take time and effort for each individual. Everyone is unique with how they will adapt and take on changes, but do have hope that your actions will speak much louder than words!