Minimalist room and office tour


It’s been about a year since I posted my last apartment tour, and time for an update! Peter and I have been living at my parents’ place in the midst of my career and mental health transition, and we’ve been thankful that they’ve welcomed us back in. But what is our set up like?

Some of you have probably seen bits and pieces of our rooms through the past videos - we have two bedrooms converted into our bedroom and office/living space which has been so great, a little haven for us to call our own. Since we’ve downsized, I’ve tried to keep things organized, minimal and just the essentials to reduce overall clutter. The furniture is all nearly the same as the previous apartment as I haven’t had much time to redecorate, though I sense some redecorating coming soon. But check out the apartment tour above, the details below, as well as some pictures of our current space. Hope you enjoy!

Products mentioned

The following are the products featured in our home. You can check out additional product recommendations in my website shop, and also get some guidance on how to thrift home goods, as many of these pieces were purchased secondhand.


Office and Living: