What's in my everyday tote bag


Cooper and I headed out of town last weekend and I thought I would take advantage of the fair weather to make a fun video. When I’m out for a quick errand or a casual outing, I bring a simple tote bag which carries a few essentials to help me get around and reduce waste. I hope you enjoy the video by checking it out above! I’ve listed below all the things I carry if you’d like to know some additional details.


What’s inside

  • Tote bag

    • Made from recycled cotton and holds everything I need

  • Sunglasses

    • These sunglasses are 7 years old, have gone through two repairs and are still going strong

  • Cloth napkin with reusable utensils and a straw

    • A cloth napkin and reusable utensils often comes handy at eateries

    • The straw is useful when you’re ordering drinks so you can have a visual aid to show waiters that you already have a straw and don’t need a disposable one

  • Wallet

    • My first ‘ethical fashion’ investment and purchase back in 2014 from the brand Cuyana

  • Phone

    • For directions and getting in contact with people

  • Reusable water bottle

    • Choose a good bottle that is guaranteed to last, take care of it for as long as you can, and you’ll be able to reduce so much disposable bottle and cup waste for years to come

  • Stainless steel tiffin

    • Perfect plastic-free alternative for grabbing a snack on the go, a pastry from a cafe, or carrying your leftovers

    • Reusable silicone bags are another light-weight alternative

Hope you enjoyed the video and are enjoying the start of summer! Would love to know if you enjoyed the video or not as I don’t often go shooting outside of my own home, but am most definitely open to doing so.