Minimalist apartment tour


A few months ago, I moved into my very own apartment with my husband. I used to live at my parents' place right out of college, and lived with roommates before at school so never before have I had an entire space (besides a bedroom) to call my very own. Yet today, I can proudly call myself a home...renter, as we haven't purchased a home yet, but there's still nothing more satisfying than having an entire living space to yourself. If I weren't working full time in packaging or sustainability, I would have probably found myself doing something like interior design since I've always loved making my room or apartment aesthetically pleasing (:


The process

Making a stylish, minimalist apartment isn't difficult, but making it sustainable definitely adds on time. I took charge of finding all the furniture pieces, and waited for those opportune moments to buy most of it secondhand off of Craigslist. If you want more information on my process, you can find my tips for purchasing secondhand home goods here! It was well worth the wait for some of those pieces, for example, I held off from buying a living room lamp for a few months, because I knew that having an arched lamp would be absolutely perfect for the space. Peter had no idea what I was going for and didn't understand why it took me so long to make these purchases, but was able to appreciate what I curated for our home once it was completely furnished. In addition, I did plenty of research to find things like a plastic free shower curtain, an organic bath mat, and products which are not commonly found made with organic, natural materials, which also took additional time and energy to pursue.

The timing for moving into our new apartment was perfect as I had to also write my book during the first few months of living in our new home. So during the process of making our home a sustainable living space, I was able to garner ideas for the foundation of my book -- a good majority of the ideas, pictures and projects in the book have come from this newly established apartment of ours, so I do hope it is helpful and practical for those of you who have the ability to make changes to your home! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave a comment below -- this blog has not only a creative outlet for myself, but was also intended to be a source of inspiration to help you on your simple, sustainable journey.


Products mentioned

I’ve gotten many questions about where I purchased the things in our home. You can check out my product recommendations in my website shop, or check the long list below. I’ve tried to link as many things as possible from the video, but note that some of these things might be outdated or purchased secondhand, so I could not find a link.