A trip to Asia


Peter and I spent about a month in Asia visiting relatives a month ago. It was his first time being back in South Korea since he was eight years old, and the first time I met some of his immediate family after being married.

We spent most of our time focused with the family, but when I had a moment to spare, I took some quick clips of our travels when I wasn’t suffering from my appendix infection (yikes, I know). Hope you get a little taste of Taipei and South Korea through this quick video - I compiled it mostly so Peter and I have something to look back on, as it was our first trip abroad together.



Maokong gondola - Go on a 20 minute gondola ride on a clear day for a view of Taipei and explore the village, trails, and attractions at the top.

Taipei 101 - The tallest tower in Taipei with plenty of yummy eats on the lower levels and a 360 view of the city. You can also see the damper which helps keep the building stable during earthquakes and strong winds, as well as ride on a high speed elevator that used to be in the Guinness book of world records.


South Korea

N Seoul Tower - A tower in the middle of Seoul that gives a 360 view of the city

Korean folk village - A replica of old-age Korea if you’re looking to learn about history and go back into the past

Jongmyo Shrine - UNESCO heritage site and memorial with some of South Korea’s royalty

Gamcheon cultural village - A neighborhood built during the Korean war which is now known for its colorful buildings and narrow stairways.

Canola flower festival - This festival only happens in the spring time, but be sure to check out the cherry blossoms or many flowers that bloom in South Korea around this time.

Haeundae beach - A popular beach spot in Busan